18 Jun

Visit by Mr and Mrs Ravi Kant and Mr and Mrs Pisharody on Saturday, 17th May


Grihini were honored to play host  and welcome Mr and Mrs Ravi Kant  and Mr and Mrs Pisharody


Mrs Ravi Kant and Mrs Pisharody visiting the Masala Unit

NIT_0339 A

Mrs Pisharody observing a member of Grihini preparing chirota


Mr Ravi Kant, Mr Pisharody and Dr Jindal tasting and appreciating Grihini’s products

NIT_0326Mr and Mrs Ravi Kant admiring shirts and gift articles produced by the ladies of the Tailoring Unit


Mr and Mrs Ravi Kant and Dr Jindal being shown the work carried out by the ladies of the Harnessing Unit

At the end of a successful visit the following comments were made:

“We really enjoyed ourselves looking at the fascinating work being done in Grihini.  Very good idea for the empowerment of women and needs to be applauded and encouraged”  Mr & Mrs R. Pisharody

“A fascinating visit!  Very much pleased to see a very committed group of people in finding useful engagement of womenfolk.  The organisation is well run with excellent housekeeping.   Wishing you all great success.”  Mr & Mrs Ravi Kant

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