About Us

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We began in 1973 with mere 7 hesitant women members, extremely limited cash in hand and very humble revenues. But under the able guidance of our visionary mentor Late Ms. Leelatai Moolgaokar, we stand tall with over 1000 women members (most of who are shareholders), 17 centres and over Rs. 79 million turnovers. Grihini Udyog is a collective enterprise which endeavors to empower the women relatives of Tata Motors employees.

Our philosophy

Our work ethics rest on the twin principle of ‘justness’ and ‘ethical’. Justness is ensured through the inbuilt co-operative mode which ensures distribution of dividend in proportion of ones skill set. It is also endured that the Society does not indulge in exploitation of anyone in any manner. Secondly, all labour rights within the ambit of ethical labour practices are secured to the individual members. We belive in ethical outsourcing of labour oriented process.

Business as usual

During a span of 37 years, Tata Motors Grihini Udyog has gone through different phases, transforming itself from manufacturing household consumer products to intricate wiring and hi-tech Automotive Electronic Products. We work in 4 societies which are spread over 17 centres. These centres are distributed in and around Pune.

Tata Motors Grihini Shivankala Society – Stitches the uniforms and hand gloves for the company employees and supplies to Tata Motors. It now stitches 45 other items of sale including bags, purse etc. and sells it to a wide set of customers.
Tata Motors Grihini Cable Harness Society – Assembles the cable harness and supplies back to the company.
Tata Motors Grihini Electronics Society* – Assembles the electronic components used in a vehicle and supplies to the company.
Tata Motors Grihini Vividh Karyakari Society – Prepares spices, condiment and other eatable items. It has a wide customer base for its products which not only includes Tata Motors but other organizations in the vicinity.
Tata Motors Grihini Electronics Society has achieved ISO 9001-2000 certificate on 13th October 2004. We achieved certificate of ISO 9001 – 2008 in December 2010.

How we work?

We work online on SAP enabled SRM system. Based on the quantum demand of the product and services, targets for each month is set and delivered as and when required by the customer. This has been achieved by strategic alliance between Tata Motors (through MASOP arrangement/process)

Our Prouds

Respected and reliable Vendor of Tata Motors
Assisting New Product Introduction (NPI) by providing wiring for prototype vehicles.
Coping with increase in production volumes.
Additional business relations with other companies like Motherson Sumi, Tata Power.
Certificate for ISO 9001-2000 from BVQI(Bureau Veritas Quality International)
Our three employees have achieved the Gunvant Kamgar Award conferred by the Maharashtra government.

New Horizons

The new age women are far more educated and have come up with new and advanced skill sets which were not witnessed decades back. Our sustainability plan attempts to harness this potential. The chief mechanisms would be -

Linking of business unit with the rural population in order to scale up the quantum of goods produced especially that pertaining to Vividh Karyakari Society.
Enhancement of the membership base of the workforce through raising the inclusion bar of the traditional outsiders i.e. those who are not relatives of the Tata Motors employee.
To open up additional selling unit in order to scale up the sale. Currently, 20% of the revenue comes from sale to customers other than Tata Motors. This shall be raised.

Beyond Business

Besides regular business we celebrate the other dimension of life. Be it organizing blood donation camps or tree plantation. We also celebrate Women’s day on 8th March with full enthusiasm. We organize Cultural Programmes on the Annual General Meeting. We make generous donations to the Sakal Relief Fund. We publish the Darpan Magazine and published Smrutigandha on 3rd August 2005 on the occasion of celebrating 25 years of the organization