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16 Apr

Tata Hendrickson, Tata Communications and Tata Toyo pledge their support for Grihini

Grihini establishes an Advisory Committee of industry seniors


Tata Autocomp Hendrickson Suspensions committed Rs.5.4 Lakh for purchase of machines for the Tailoring Unit

Pic : Anuradha Das (Head, HR, Car Plant, Pune), Veena Dhamankar (TAHS) and Asha Jindal (Chairperson, Grihini) signing the MoU


Tata Toyo Radiators Ltd. committed Rs. 13.4 Lakh for purchasing of multiple  machines in both Masala and Tailoring Units

Pic : Anantha Ramkrishnan (Head, HR,  Tata Toyo Radiators) and Asha Jindal (Chairperson, Grihini) signing the MoU


Tata Communications committed an amount of Rs.3.4 Lakh for purchase of machines for Masala Unit

Pic : Sanjiv Tare (Head, CSR, Tata Communications) and Asha Jindal (Chairperson, Grihini) signing the MoU

In addition to purchase of machines, which will improve productivity and quality of Grihini products, this support will help Grihini to build additional skills of women members and offer them gainful employment.

The Advisory Committee (AC) was constituted in a meeting attended by the senior officials from various companies and the first meeting took place post the MoU signing programme. The objective of the AC is to seek guidance from senior officials from other companies to strengthen Grihini’s business.

The welcome note was delivered by Asha Jindal (Chairperson, Grihini). An informative documentary that highlighted all the aspects of Grihini was also  shown to all. The AC members gave various suggestions to Grihini to expand its business and pledged their support to strengthen Grihini.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Jayashree Shrikhande (Vice-Chairperson, Grihini)  who gave an assurance of quality and productivity on the behalf of TGSWS and sought support of stakeholders for continual lucrative business opportunities.


Along with senior leadership of Grihini, also present were V Suresh (Head, ER, Skill Development and CSR) and Shrirang Dhavale.

18 Jun

Visit by Mr and Mrs Ravi Kant and Mr and Mrs Pisharody on Saturday, 17th May


Grihini were honored to play host  and welcome Mr and Mrs Ravi Kant  and Mr and Mrs Pisharody


Mrs Ravi Kant and Mrs Pisharody visiting the Masala Unit

NIT_0339 A

Mrs Pisharody observing a member of Grihini preparing chirota


Mr Ravi Kant, Mr Pisharody and Dr Jindal tasting and appreciating Grihini’s products

NIT_0326Mr and Mrs Ravi Kant admiring shirts and gift articles produced by the ladies of the Tailoring Unit


Mr and Mrs Ravi Kant and Dr Jindal being shown the work carried out by the ladies of the Harnessing Unit

At the end of a successful visit the following comments were made:

“We really enjoyed ourselves looking at the fascinating work being done in Grihini.  Very good idea for the empowerment of women and needs to be applauded and encouraged”  Mr & Mrs R. Pisharody

“A fascinating visit!  Very much pleased to see a very committed group of people in finding useful engagement of womenfolk.  The organisation is well run with excellent housekeeping.   Wishing you all great success.”  Mr & Mrs Ravi Kant

14 Feb

IAS batch 2014 visits Grihini

IAS(P)batch visited Grihini as part of their nation wide tour to study CSR  activities undertaken by the Tata Group.

IAS Batch 2014 visits Grihini

A team of 19 IAS officers visited Gihini on 7th Feb, to get a glimpse into the kind of work done by Tata Motors in promoting women’s welfare. The one hour visit consisted of a formal introduction to the evolution of Grihini from a 7 women organisation into a sustainable social enterprise. The team visited the Shivankala (Tailoring unit) and the Vividh karyakari (Food and spices) units of Grihini located at Tata Motors Colony, Pimpri.

Grihini also sells its products though a retail store located at the colony. The team shopped enthusiastically and appreciated the products that were on offer. We were thrilled to see the response we received from them. True to themselves, the young leaders offered some kind words of appreciation and motivated the Grihini members to take their work to the masses.

“This is a very good and wonderful initiative which nobody provide economic independence to women but also provide confidence and sense of pride in themselves.”  - Priyanka Niranjal

“They have done excellent job in bringing home made eatable to market.  All the best.” – Jeenan B

Tata Motors Grihini thanks the IAS batch of 2014 for taking time out to visit  and motivate us.

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