Products and Services

Grihini works across 4 societies spread over 15 centers in and around Pune with over Rs 10.3 Crores in revenue.

The 4 lines of business are as follows:



 This unit assembles the electronic components used in a vehicle and supplies them to Tata Motors Limited. It has 2 centers which manufacture 69 products like EGRs, BCMs and AECUs.




This unit assembles cable harnesses and supplies them to Mothers and Sumi Limited. The products range from main cables, Tail cables and engine cables.






This unit, stitches the uniforms and hand gloves for the company employees and supplies to organizations like Priyanka Engineering, Samadhan Indus-tries and Tata Motors. It now stitches 45 other items including bags, pillow covers, purse and sells it to a wide set of customers. In this unit, housewives collect raw material and return with finished products, their work station being their respective homes.



This unit prepares different spices, pickles and a variety of snack items . It has a wide customer base for its products which include Hotels like Marriott, Taj Blue Diamond, Sayaji Hotels and Tata Motors. It also caters to other organizations in the vicinity.

It also has two outlets for its items: Chinchwad out-let and TELCO Colony.

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