About Us

Grihini Udyog

Grihini was established in 1973 by 7 women under the guidance of visionary mentor Mrs Leelatai Moolgaonkar. Grihini employs relatives of Tata motors employees, disadvantaged women from the local communities, imparts training and various skills, and makes them employable for a respectable job. It aims at providing sustainable livelihoods and economic independence to its employees by providing various employee benefits apart from their basic salary. Epitomizing the cooperate welfare society, Grihini follows a profit sharing philosophy. The aid and assistance provided by Tata Motors has transformed Grihini from just manufacturing household consumer products to also deal with intricate wiring and high tech automotive electronic products.  

Our philosophy 

Our work ethics rest on the twin principle of ‘justness’ and ‘ethical’. Justness is ensured through the inbuilt co-operative mode which ensures distribution of dividend in proportion of ones skill set. It is also endured that the Society does not indulge in exploitation of anyone in any manner. Secondly, all labour rights within the ambit of ethical labour practices are secured to the individual members. We believe in ethical outsourcing of labour oriented process. 

Business as usual 

During a span of 46 years, Tata Motors Grihini Udyog has gone through different phases, transforming itself from manufacturing household consumer products to intricate wiring and hi-tech Automotive Electronic Products. We operates across four units, namely electronics, cable harness, tailoring and food. Employing over a 550 women, and currently has a turnover of more than 10 Cr. 

Tata Motors Grihini Shivankala Society  The Shivankala unit, also known as the tailoring unit of the Grihini society, is mainly concerned with the stitching of industrial and school uniforms, hand gloves, aprons, sweatshirts, t-shirts and formal shirts. This department also manufactures bags, covers, purses, kitchen aprons etc. A few of the women working in the unit even finish the work at home if required. The products are primarily sold to Tata Motors Plants, ACGL, Samadhan Industries, Beekay Groups, Niksun Electro Infra, Tata Motors Distributers, TCS, and TTL etc. 

Tata Motors Grihini Cable Harness Society – This section of the Grihini society deals with the assembly of main cable and other wiring harness and supply it to MSSL (Motherson Sumi Limited). It also assembles the Contact Block, EC2C5, Flush Head, Wire Testing for E-14 sockets and supplies them to Esbee Electrotech LLP. 

Tata Motors Grihini Electronics Society – The electronics unit of Grihini Udyog does the assembly of different types of products such as IECU, VECU, EGR and BCM family. This IATF certified department is currently working on the SMT line, where SMD components are assembled with the help of SMD machines. The electronic unit mainly supply their products to the CVBU and PVBU vehicles of TATA Motors. 

Tata Motors Grihini Vividh Karyakari Society – This unit deals in the preparation of different food products such as spices, pickles, Puran poli, Gul poli,  Ukadiche Modakladdus and a variety of savoury snacks. The food unit has the widest customer base compared to all the other units, supplying its products to Gateway, Taj Blue Diamond, Sayaji and Tata Motors. The products are sold from outlets located at Chinchwad and Telco colony and through various retail stores like star bazaar. 

How we work? 

We work online on SAP enabled SRM system. Based on the quantum demand of the product and services, targets for each month is set and delivered as and when required by the customer. This has been achieved by strategic alliance between Tata Motors (through MASOP arrangement/process) 

Grihini’s Pride 

  • Grihini is registered under Public Charitable Trust and Co Operative Society Act.  
  • Import Export licence  holder . 
  • FSSAI Licence holder. 
  • ISO 9001-2015  CERTIFIED for Tailoring Unit 
  • Electronics IATF Certificate Approval  
  • 12A Certificate. 
  • 80G Exemption. 
  • Respected and reliable Vendor of Tata Motors 
  • Assisting New Product Introduction (NPI) by providing wiring for prototype vehicles. 
  • Coping with increase in production volumes.  
  • Additional business relations with other companies like Motherson Sumi, Tata Power.  
  • Our three employees have achieved the Gunvant Kamgar Award conferred by the Maharashtra government.